Mitchell Dunn

Mitchell Dunn


Mitchell Dunn

Residential Mortgage Loan Originator

NMLS: 1378534

IN Lic: 45693, KY Lic: 725013, TN Lic: 214561

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If I were going to tell you what sets me apart from other Loan Officers, I could say that it is my 15+ years of experience. Or that I guide you through the process with a catered approach. Now, I do both of these, but the truth is, I know fantastic people in our industry who can provide the same service. So when I really think about what sets me apart, it’s my passion for listening.

Listening to you means that you will never be a number. You are more than the sum of your career and credit score. Your story is important – just like your hopes and dreams.These aspects of you make you unique, and help me to guide you to your perfect scenario. I am tenacious in getting you to closing day because I believe in you and I believe in your goals. There is nothing that is truly insurmountable. There is always a way to move forward.

At the end of a day, when I am out on my porch looking out on God’s magnificent creation, I am most content knowing that I helped a family move into their next stage of life. Getting their first home. With my son on my lap and my wife beside me, there is nothing more sweet in this life.

Some people believe that family is your blood. But it goes beyond that for me. You are my brother or sister in humanity, we are all family. Blood or not, you will be treated with the same respect and honor.

If you have read this far, I commend you. I also think it means we should probably connect. I can offer Conventional, FHA, VA, One Time Close options for New Construction, and so many more. I know it can be uncomfortable to make that first phone call, but I can promise you that we will have a pleasant conversation. You get to decide if you want to move forward with me – I’m not here to heft a sales pitch or anything like that. (270) 935-1038

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