June Chuyen Phan

June Chuyen Phan


June Chuyen Phan

Sales Manager/Loan Originator

NMLS: 1033441

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To be honest? After 15 years in the financial industry, I could be in just about any business I wanted to, but mortgage appealed to me initially for the flexibility and the connection it has to real estate. Then, I found that mortgage is the perfect marriage between finance and real estate. So, I fell in love with the strategic partnership that I have with my clients. I am NOT just a “one and done” kind of Loan Officer! I will help you with this home – and we will have a plan for the next one. Whether that it’s an investment home, a refinance, or just getting more bedrooms!

Your situation is unique and your future is precious. The absolute best advice I can give you in this moment is to not trust your legacy to some ‘out of the box’ company. You know which ones I mean! You deserve a long-term partnership and a loan officer that has your best interests at heart. I will absolutely show you how to get your dream home and how to use your money in real estate to build your dream life and legacy.

If you read this far, I know you and I are meant to partner together. Call me at 832.605.5051!

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