Branch Loan Production Partner – Remote

Branch Loan Production Partner – Remote
Shellby Kinney
  • Full Time
  • Remote

Thrive Mortgage

"Alone we dream. Together we THRIVE!"

“Alone we dream. Together we THRIVE!”

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THRIVE Mortgage is actively seeking a Branch Loan Production Partner to help our Georgetown, TX Branch.


This role will be responsible for managing loans from multiple Loan Originators in a timely and efficient manner. Quality, efficiency, superior customer service and professionalism are ALL essential to be successful as a Loan Production Partner with Thrive Mortgage.



  • Process New Application for communication and prequal letter within 24 hours of application received into the system
    • Pull credit, validate 1003 with borrower, Income Calculation, issue Prequal letter to borrower
    • If there is enough information captured in iThrive to push over to Encompass, but the borrower abandoned the application before completion, Corp LPP to follow up with the borrower to obtain remaining information to complete app and issue prequal letter
  • Follow up with application leads (and agents) every Friday to have a touch point – weekend shopping might need a new prequal letter for price point for the homes you are shopping.
  • Complete the following before handing off to Processing or UW:
    • After handoff from LO, LPP has 24 hours to review the file and engage borrower with a phone call to introduce themselves, clarify and validate the 1003, solicit questions, set expectations on additional documents and on next steps and communication in the future
      • Will provide phone scripts to stay consistent with each team’s branding
      • Follow up with email restating the above conversation and CC LO
      • If you must leave a Voice Message, leave a detailed voice message and follow up with email restating above and CC LO
    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Complete scrub of the file to validate the completed 1003 based on the collected documents from the borrower.  Identify any missing Q&E documents and push through iThrive Needs list
    • Re-Run AUS to ensure we still have valid findings
    • Validate 4506T information against tax returns, if needed.  Make corrections and send to Borrower for execution, if needed.
    • Request disclosures from compliance and ensure delivery to the borrower.  Once disclosures ae sent, phone call, email, and text need to take place to ensure timely response from borrower.
    • Complete the conversation log with the Loan Story, HOI info, notes regarding communication with borrower, outstanding items, and if appraisal is NOT to be ordered.
    • Order TRVs and VOEs (if needed), flood cert and Appraisal, AccountChek (if applicable)
    • Send file to setup and assign to the processor.
    • Once the loan is submitted to Processing in the setup milestone, manage the milestones to ensure compliance with Q&E standards:
      • Processing – 72 hours
      • UW – 72 hours
  • Complete the following after UW provides Conditional Approval:
    • The LP will send out a color-coded conditional approval with all items needed and delegated to each person within 6 business hours of receiving the conditional approval.
    • LPP will send out the Needs List via iThrive to the borrower to maintain consistency of communication and will reach out via phone call to talk over each item with the borrower.
    • Once borrowers have provided items, LPP to push docs over to Encompass into the Unassigned within the File Manager and notify the LP once all are obtained.
    • LPP is to review the lock.  If not locked, notify the LO to execute the rate lock with the borrower.  Best practice is to lock the file as close to UW decision as possible to ensure that we can take advantage of the mailbox rule for the ICD
      • ​​​​​​​Remember, a closer will not be assigned to the file unless it is locked, in UW decision, and has the following docs:
        • Prelim CD
        • Tax Cert
        • Title Commitment
      • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Once rate is locked and re-disclosures are sent, ensure the customer expects the re-disclosure documents and can execute and return quickly.  Please call and follow up with an email or text to make sure this happens within 24 hours of delivery.  CC LO on all communication.
    • Monitor dates for UW resubmission and needed extra days if executing an eClosing or full RON closing
      • Coordinate all UW rush requests with the LPP in response to turn times and needed documentation OR request rush directly using UW Rush Request form in the Help Center.
  • Complete the following after file moves into the Closing/Funding stage:
    • Monitor the process of Closer assignment and ICD delivery
      • If utilizing the mailbox rule, give the borrowers notification that it is coming, and they do not need to execute if they don’t want to.
      • If cutting time close to 3-day TRID rule, call and follow up email to ensure they know to executed ASAP!
    • Coordinate with LP on any funding conditions once the file has CTC
    • Coordinate and assist the closer on any needed items to balance final CD with title
    • Communicate needed funds to close with borrower – LO can stipulate if this is desired communication by LPP or LO during communications call setup.
  • Additional Expectations:
    • Communicate file status to LO on a weekly basis – will set up time/date preferences for pipeline call or communication method during initial communication call set up.
    • Alert LO immediately of any file issues, or signs of delay
    • Always consult with LO first if borrower is requesting an earlier closing date and coordinate that with the LP and closer, if applicable
    • LO will deliver any bad news (ie: appraisal low value) to borrowers.



The employee should meet the following criteria:

  • High School Diploma.
  • 3+ years’ experience in mortgage industry preferred.
  • Outlook, Microsoft Word and Excel Experience.
  • Must have a high comfort level working in a paperless environment. (Encompass preferred)
  • NMLS – preferred & will be required within 60 days for this position.



  • In-office or remote.
  • Flexibility to work extended hours during peak business periods or to meet project deadlines.
  • Non-exempt/hourly.

To apply for this job email your details to recruiting@ThriveMortgage.com