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Chris Hampton


Chris Hampton

Residential Mortgage Loan Originator

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A lot of people feel like people are divided into ‘cliques’ or ‘groups.’ I suppose that is true to an extent, but I have never been able to see it that way. Every person I come across is a fascinating and wonderful individual and that is what I see first. I am pretty sure that is why I have never met a stranger in my life. Being an American farmer keeps me grounded in my roots. I believe in the American Dream, and your right to your pursuit of happiness.

It’s rare for your job to live up to your passion in the world, and that is why I consider myself unbelievably blessed. My day starts off working with animals and the earth. I get the opportunity to start my morning grounded – in every sense of the word. Then I continue my day helping people get their own land – grounding them firmly into the American Dream. Homes are the foundation that provide us the stability to chase our happiness.

Because I believe in what I do so much, I have fervently pursued the deepest understanding of home loan financing and how that plays an integral piece in every stage of someone’s life. I take my education seriously, and my career of 25 years reflects that. I have just about seen it all, so I am comfortable saying that I can help you find away to accomplish what you want. I am blessed to have enough business to be living my dream now, and it is time for you to live yours.

If you would like, I am happy to have a chat about your situation. I don’t want or need to pressure you, everyone’s journey is unique and your situation should be treated like that. 502-387-6866.

LICENSED IN: KY – MC721412, IN – 44901, TN – 209036

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