Caroline Chi

Caroline Chi


Caroline Chi

Residential Mortgage Loan Originator

NMLS: 1115176

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I am a bilingual Residential Mortgage Loan Originator in the Central Texas area but not limited to. I am passionate about my career and I cannot think of anything else I rather do. My humble beginnings into this wonderful world of mortgage loans date me back to 2006 when I started as a real estate agent.
I have always been known to be determined, energetic, and focused; I believe such skills are of high importance in this industry; I must say, I do enjoy the fast-paced, the stress, and the high demands one will find in this line of work. I put my blinders on and get busy and I think of my clients celebrating the purchase of their very own home; thereafter, their first Christmas, first Thanksgiving, first family gathering, etc. Every time I get invited by a client to celebrate with them such a cornerstone, it’s always a gratifying moment that will never grow old. Why should you choose me as your mortgage lender? Because of my values and what I stand for, I come from a loving, honorable, and hard-working family with a very high ethical standard, “God is my North, my family is my unconditional anchor, and my desire to achieve more it’s my thriving force.”
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